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What can I provide for your business?

Wide-Angle HDR Photography

Give both you and your clients the upper hand by ensuring only the highest quality photography is used for marketing their home.

All photos are taken with a professional DSLR camera using a wide-angle lens to allow for excellent perspective photography of interior rooms and exterior spaces.

Post optimization is included, which involves correcting lens distortion, exposure optimization, sharpening, white-balance adjustment, resizing for web-ready delivery, etc.

And finally, HDR (High Dynamic Range) capturing and processing is used to yield rich, balanced, true-to-life photos for both interior and exterior.

Aerial / Drone HDR Photography

What value can aerial photography offer? Consider that from both a property marketing AND Realtor marketing perspective, they will:

  • increase the value proposition of you as a Realtor by showcasing to prospective sellers how you differentiate yourself from other agents as one who offers "cutting edge" marketing
  • lead to overall higher client satisfaction, as they see you who goes to no end to ensure you have marketed their property to the highest potential
  • simply offers more choices to view and entice for prospective buyers to the property

Same-Day Turn

With any service / product, enjoy same-day turn!

That's right - material will be fully delivered the same day the photo shoot takes place.


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About Ray

altI was born and raised on tranquil Prince Edward Island, just outside the capital city and Birthplace of Canada, Charlottetown. From as early as I can remember (grade 5, I believe), I had aspirations of becoming a meteorologist. I was fascinated with weather, so why not make a career out of it. This desired career-path actually stuck with me throughout grade-school, right up until I neared graduation. At that time, demand for meteorologists was on the decline - I had an important decision to make. While weather was indeed my passion, I also had a keen interest in electronics & technology. So at the age of 18, with a leap of faith I abandoned my original plan, packed my belongings and moved to Toronto to attend college. It was there where I obtained my Electronics Engineering Technology diploma. After graduation, I immediately moved to Waterloo where I was offered employment.

That was 23 years ago. I am now proud to call Waterloo Region my new home.

When I am not giving piggy-back rides or building snowmen with my 2 children, I enjoy such hobbies as tinkering with electronics, programming, financial planning, playing and watching hockey (die-hard Habs fan - please don't judge), ultralight aircraft, camping, boating and, of course, photography.

But perhaps one of my most unique hobbies that I pursue is that of storm-chasing. Despite my change of career-path, weather (and more specifically, severe weather) has always remained my true passion. So you can imagine the excitement and anticipation I felt as I relocated from the docile PEI to Southwestern Ontario - the severe weather hotspot of Canada. While storm-chasing has taken a back seat in recent years to devote time to raising a family, I will venture out the odd occasion (with video camera, mobile internet and real-time radar in hand), if a good storm happens by our area. Otherwise, I usually just enjoy the forces of nature from the front porch of our home.